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About Me

Shine Gonzalvez came to photography quite late in her adult life. With no formal training, she began photographing some of the people she encountered as she commuted to and from work. People who don't appear to have enough to eat. People who don't seem to have any family. People for whom, the street, is the last resort.

Getting to know these 'outsiders', Shine discovered that the reasons for living on the streets were far more complex than those frequently used by society to conveniently draw a veil over their existence.

Amazed at the gritty reality that is all around us, she quickly realised that these people possess vulnerability and strength in equal measure. Photographing them has become a way for Shine to express herself and share her view of the world, with all it's different shades and colours

So, for the last two years, has been seeking out and, with their permission, capturing images and 'giving them the dignity so often denied by society'. To refine her technical skills, she has continuously posted her images on websites created to 'invite' criticism, and through this hard process has established her own accomplished style.

The results are images that are technically superb yet full of the passion for her subject, and her compassion for people whose lives have 'followed a different path'.

As Shine herself says, 'My images show that there but for the grace of god go all of us - look into their eyes and you may find yourself looking in a mirror’.

She has had some successful exhibitions and has been featured regularly in newspapers and internet news feeds.

She has recently began commissions for people that wish to have self portraits taken and portrayed in an artistic manner.

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